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The Atrium Fitness Experience

Everyone is welcome at Atrium Fitness, regardless of your fitness levels.

If you want to start gently then you might like to try yoga to start working on your breathing, suppleness and strength. It’ll rejuvenate your mental and physical wellbeing.

You might want to want to work on muscle toning or your balance whilst getting your circulation really pumping again. If so, Aquacise in our heated pool is the one for you.

If you’re up for a spot of high-intensity fat burning, then try out our spinning sessions. Our latest machines are stationary bikes with resistance levels to get your cardiovascular system pumping.

Are you really determined to work on your strength and fitness? Then check out our regular outdoor Bootcamps for the hardy amongst you.

To find out more about all of them and so much more, please click HERE! 

The Atrium Fitness Team

Our fitness team are super keen to help you achieve your goals. They’ll answer your questions, help to design a program unique to you, help you out in the gym and give you advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle. They’re the best we could find, and we know you’ll love them. Please click HERE to meet them.

The Atrium Fitness Charter

  • You’ll be a member of our community and not just a number

  • You’ll use equipment that is easy to use, modern and innovative

  • You’ll discover classes that are fresh, fun and challenging

  • You’ll get all the support you need to be motivated to achieve results

  • You’ll feel a sense of achievement when you finish each session

  • You’ll always enjoy a friendly and personal service

  • We will make sure that you have a great relationship with the Atrium Fitness team

  • ​We will offer value for money, with flexible terms and no hidden costs

  • We will create fun, passion, enthusiasm and integrity in everything you chose at the club

  • We will continuously improve our service based on what you tell us you want

  • We will provide all the dietary and exercise advice that you need

  • We will inspire you to be fitter and healthier

  • Together, we’ll enjoy a sense of collaboration and teamwork

The Atrium Fitness Way of Life

If you want to choose to live a healthier lifestyle but haven’t made the leap, was it the fear factor? Have you found the idea of a gym just a little intimidating? Are you worried that you don’t have the time or the motivation to lose a few pounds and get fitter? We’ve all been there. Even our trainers. It takes a bit of courage sometimes to make the decision to change things.

So, why not pop in and have a look around?  See if it’s somewhere you’ll feel comfortable. We’ll do the rest.  Let us introduce you to The Atrium Fitness Way of Life.

You’ve achieved much to be proud of in your life, but you feel that there’s something missing, right? Is your fitness level where you want it to be? Do you wish that tummy was a bit flatter? Do you wonder if it’s possible to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment? 

That’s where Atrium Fitness comes in.

You already know that feeling good about yourself starts by committing to do something.

So, close your eyes and relax. Imagine where you want your fitness level to be in a few months. Remember, it’s your fitness and it’s not a competition so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Now, we’ll let you into a secret.

Our people don’t come to Atrium Fitness to develop a body like a Greek God or Goddess … well, maybe one or two. They come because they want to lose weight and get a bit fitter. We get that and that’s what motivates the Atrium Fitness team every day.

So, please don’t imagine a gym full of weightlifters spraying sweat and talcum powder everywhere … it’s nothing like that at all. There are no squat racks. The weights are not super-heavy. Why? Because our members have asked us to make it much more about fitness. Also, our membership is around 60/40 women to men and if you’re in your forties or older you’ll be in the majority.

Reassured? Well, let’s tell you some more.

On your first visit to Atrium Fitness, you’ll meet members of our super-friendly team whose job is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your new club. You might get to meet Matt the owner, if he’s not on the golf course that is! You’ll see the gym, the studios, the swimming pool, the steam room, and the jacuzzi. Please do ask lots of questions … we love that.

So, c’mon … declare war on belly fat and join the gut busters at Atrium Fitness.

Please click HERE or call us on 01353 668888 and book personal session to meet one of that super friendly team we’ve told you about. We hope to see you soon.

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