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We have a great range of classes to suit everyone and every ability.

We are constantly amending and adding new classes, so the easiest way to see what's available is to check the live schedule in the portal You will need to have an account to access the portal.

You can also see a live schedule of classes here

You can book 6 days in advance from 6.30am. For example, all classes for Monday will be available to book from 6.30am on Tuesday.

You can cancel online 2 hours before the class starts. Within 2 hours, please call the club on 01353 668888.

We also do a range of class packages for non-members which are available to purchase through the portal when booking a class.

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Single class – £9.00

Bronze – 5 classes £42.50

Silver – 10 classes £80.00

Gold – 15 classes £112.50

Diamond – 20 classes £140.00

Please note class packages are valid for 6 months. Single class valid for 14 days

Aquacise *

A pool based fun aerobic workout, that is easy on the joints


Bootcamp style workout using equipment and bodyweight


A fantastic way to beat out the stresses of the week, suitable for men and women



A high energy and fast-paced class which involves working your way around different exercise stations performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time.



Using low-impact exercises to help burn excess fat, sculpt and define your whole body


Fitball & Abs Blast

Improve your stability, body tone and core strength



Half an hour of High Intensity Interval Training to get you ready for the week


Kettlebell Blitz

Involves the entire body and focuses on endurance, power and dynamic movements


Legs Bums & Tums Gold

A gentle aerobic class incorporating weights, for the more mature member

Mix It Up

A class chosen by the instructor on the day. You could be taking part in Pump, Strength & Tone, HIIT or any of our gym team classes. Each has their favourite.



Concentrating on core muscles, emphasising balance whilst integrating flexibility and breathing


Shape and Tone

A full body conditioning and strengthening workout, incorporating weights, to improve functional strength, flexibility and  co-ordination


Spinning/Virtual Spinning

Using static bikes in our dedicated studio, the instructor will take you on the ride of your life



A more intense aerobic workout using weights



Hundreds of different exercises using suspension training straps, giving a unique workout


Wake Up & Shape Up

A moderate intensity workout to wake up the muscles and prepare your body for the day ahead



Relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques, balancing the mind and body



Combines Latin and international music with a fun and effective workout system

*Aquacise is not available on class credits or to Studio / Swim & Gym members

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