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The Atrium Fitness Team are always here for you and are happy to help and guide you in any way that we can, with this in mind we please ask that you treat all of our staff with respect and free from fear of being verbally or physically abused.  We understand that sometimes things aren’t quite right or that you may have a complaint. To do this please speak to the duty manager or email but please be assured that we will do our very best to correct any issues brought to our attention.

Personal Property

We ask you not to take your bag in the gym this as they cause a trip hazard. By leaving your bag in a secure locker (you need to bring your own padlock) you are also reducing the risk of your possessions going missing for which we cannot be held responsible.

Show consideration with hygiene and attire

It’s true that everyone gets a bit hot and sweaty at the gym, but you can help avoid the unpleasant consequences of this by following basic hygiene measures. Wear clean workout clothes each time, use deodorant and air out your trainers regularly to prevent strong odours.

Clothing should be comfortable and sensible for working out and not have loose bits hanging off them which could get caught up in machines.  A top must be worn in the free weights area of the gym. Footwear should be supportive trainers and we recommend you do your laces up. Before you come into the gym, please ensure that your footwear is clean of mud or grass cuttings.

When using the showers and locker room, remember that you are still in a public space – wipe up hairs and other mess, shower quickly if there’s a queue, and try not to take up more than your share of space on benches and countertops. Bear in mind, too, that not everyone is comfortable with the same level of public nudity, so respect others’ personal space and avoid lounging about in the buff unnecessarily.

Make an effort to learn how to use equipment

Using gym equipment incorrectly not only makes your workout less effective but can also result in injury to yourself or those around you. If you’re not sure how to use a machine, there’s nothing wrong with asking a staff member for a quick intro – they’ll be happy to help. Better yet, book an introductory session with one of our gym team – not only will they explain how all the machines work, but they can also set out a workout routine tailored to your needs.

Look after equipment

It’s important to show respect for gym property – damaged and unusable equipment inconveniences everyone. Don’t drop weights with undue force (or worse yet, fling them across the floor), and be sure to ease machines back into their resting position rather than allowing them to clang into place. If you come across something that’s out of order, don’t just ignore it – let a staff member know so that it can be repaired. This saves other people experiencing the same inconvenience and can prevent potential injury from using malfunctioning equipment.

Put equipment away when you’ve finished

When you’ve finished using free weights or any other equipment, be sure to return them to their designated storage space so the next user can easily find them. It’s particularly important not to leave weights and other kit strewn about, as aside from cluttering up the space, they represent a trip hazard.

If you’re using a barbell with weight plates, unload the weights when you’re finished and return them to their rack. Not everyone will be pressing the same amount of weight as you, and this saves quite a lot of hassle for the next user.

Wipe down equipment after use

This is perhaps the number one rule of gym etiquette and goes a long way toward making the gym a happier and healthier place for everyone. After you finish using a machine, wipe off your sweat using the paper towel provided. Not only does this save the next user from the unpleasant experience of having to touch a machine covered in cold, stale sweat, but it also improves hygiene in the gym and helps prevents the spread of germs.

Keep it quiet, keep it clean

There’s nothing wrong with making friends at the gym but remember that most gym-goers are there to focus on their workout. Many exercises require intense concentration and having to listen to someone else discussing their social life in close proximity can be highly distracting. We understand that with the way smartphones have developed you can be in the office anywhere at any time, including the gym. You could also have your preferred music stored on your phone, however, should you need to make or take a call, please do so away from the gym floor to ensure you do not disturb any other members with your conversation. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden in the pool area for privacy reasons.

Please be mindful of other gym members and keep your language ‘clean’, what you may find acceptable may offend others.

Fitness Classes

We advise pre-booking as all our classes are extremely popular.  This can be done at reception, over the phone or online by visiting our website or downloading our app.  Please ensure you arrive on time as you may lose your space or be prevented from participating if the instructor feels you may injure yourself from not completing the warm up properly.

Pool Area

The safety notices in and around the pool area including the stairs are there to keep you safe, please take note of them.

Before and during the use of the pool area facilities please have a quick rinse under the shower. Please do not use any products, such as shampoo, as they can make the area very slippery.

Swimming costumes must be worn always in all of our pool area facilities.

Please be aware that food, alcohol or outside shoes are not allowed in the pool area and mobile phones are strictly forbidden for privacy reasons.

Car Park

The car park next to or directly behind the club is not available to members as this is private property. Members should use either the Paradise or Waitrose car park, which are both free.


Smoking and vaping is not permitted anywhere on the premises or in the immediate vicinity. Using the facilities whilst under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted.

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