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Talk to one of the thousands of people who’ve joined us at Atrium Fitness, and you’ll hear them say that you can achieve your goals. Two things you need from us are great people and the right facilities. We’ve got the people so please Meet The Team. And scroll down to discover our facilities. We invest in high-tech equipment for you to enjoy so that getting fit is fun too.



We call it a gym but it’s more than that. It’s a place that caters to everyone. To improve your strength or your cardio system try our new resistance gear and weights … they’re shiny new for 2020. We have all the latest functional training equipment and the gym is air-conditioned throughout to make your exercising all the more comfortable.
Ever tried a PowerPlate? It’s a vibrating platform that engages your muscles like nothing else. It’s a whole-body workout and some experts say it reduces muscle loss and improves bone density.

Gym Class

Air-conditioning for comfort... that’s a given, in our gym and studio.  And our sprung floor is for your enjoyment and safety too. It feels softer than a normal floor because it absorbs shocks, lessens any impact on your hard-working joints and lowers your risk of injury.


We think you’ll love our studio and with around 20 different sessions we’ve got something for everyone.


TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) is something different which if you like yoga or Pilates might be right up your street. TRX uses your body weight and a suspension training strap that enables you to exercise, stretch and strengthen lots of different muscle groups.


Are you one of those super-confident types? Then we have HIIT training. You’ve probably guessed that this is a full-on aerobic and cardio workout that will burn fat.


This is a selection of what we offer you and they are group activities so it’s a great way to meet people too.

Indoor Cycling Studio

Everyone loves a Spinning session, so we’ve created a studio decked out with cool lighting and a great sound system. Now you can enjoy the latest Matrix CXP Indoor bikes with sculpted seats for comfort and cool technology too. It’ll change the way you feel about cycling.


Spinning is a gut buster because you burn calories and it’s a great cardiovascular workout. Along with instructor-led classes, we’ve created classes with motivational ‘virtual instructor’ videos, energetic soundtracks, and a digital dashboard to get your heart pumping. 


We run aquacise classes in the heated pool but you’ll want to have a dip in there too, especially after a workout.


Having taken some weight off your body why not take the weight off your feet? Relax your muscles in our lovely heated jacuzzi, a cleansing Turkish Steam room or get your circulation pumping in a Sauna.

*Our pool & spa area closes 30 minutes before club closure.



 If you’re up for a challenge then ask about hiring a Personal Trainer. They’re not just for celebrities and it could change your life.

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