How do you bridge that gap between motivation and results?

One of the ways is to know where you are, where you’re going and where you want to be.

That’s why we like MyZone® here at Atrium Fitness.

With MyZone® you can motivate yourself with personalised results to improve your workout. It’s technology that you live and breathe.

MyZone® monitors your heart rate, calories burned and exercise time. Then it reveals them in colour coded tiles on a real-time display. The more effort that you put in the higher your scores and you get rewarded with Effort Points too (MEPs). The higher your heart rate – the more MEPs you’ll earn per minute!

Stream your results to your Smart Device for real-time feedback and see your results on the go.

Your fitness. Your goals. Your technology.

myzone - how it works.jpg

To get started, simply purchase your own MYZONE® belt for our price of £55.00 and follow these simple step by step instructions! To wear the belt secure it on around your chest underneath your shirt so that the logo is centred and you’ll know its ready when you hear a beep to indicate your heartbeat has been detected.

Try before you buy. We have a small number of demo belts that you can try out for a session, just ask at reception.